Beyond the Veil Take 2: The world strikes back!

This week Xander and cast get swept away in the state of the game for the The Secret World and much, much more!!

Take a listen as we discuss our love of The Secret World in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Beyond the Veil is a Community based weekly talk show sponsored by Be sure to tune in Mondays and listin to our audio remastered shows.

Looking for a Cabal? look us up in The Secret World.


Host/Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
CoHost: Bishop
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No SLI or Crossfire support:
Spoilers in general chat:
Will it fail?:
What happened to getting extra character slots?:

From the devs
Launch day patch notes,patch 1.01 and now patch 1.02
State of the Game:
Forum thread about it:

Notable posts:

Ragnar (Producer/Director):We have been preparing for post-launch content for a long, long time — several years, in fact — and not only do we have missions ready to roll for the first update, we’re also already in production on future updates.

As for recording VO, we have an amazingly optimised process with tons of skilled people. We can go from receiving a new design, to writing dialogue, casting, recording, editing and doing motion capture within a week. A finished cut-scene can be ready — if needed and we focus our cinematic team on it — a week after that. I don’t think there are a lot of companies in this industry that can say the same, but we have a lot of experience in this area, after doing TLJ, Dreamfall, and now The Secret World — all games heavy on dialogue and cinematic sequences.

Of course, for the most part, we like to spend a little longer getting everything perfect, but at most, it’s about a month from writing the dialogue to having a finished cut-scene in the game — and we plan ahead. I’ve already looked at and approved a couple of cinematics for 1.3, which is due in September. So…yeah. We got this covered.

As for the marketplace — why didn’t we launch the game with that? We felt the marketplace wasn’t quite ready yet, and rather than launch with something half-assed, we decided to spend another few weeks fixing, polishing, testing, fixing, polishing and testing. I’d rather give you guys a solid feature and take the heat for it being delayed, than to launch with a buggy one. The GUI team wrapped up their latest test today, in fact, and things are looking good, so it’s not far off now.

My plan is to have a new SotG out every week or two, at least for the near-to-intermediate future. In the long run, maybe once a month will be enough, but right now I feel it’s important to keep you guys updated on what’s happening and what we’re doing. After all, you’re paying us money, so it’s only fair.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns! And thanks for playing!

As long as I am around, I can promise you that we’ll listen and care about what you guys want — and I’m pretty sure that will continue to be a fact long after I have departed the project. We care about our players and the community, and though we’re not perfect, everyone here is working to make you guys happy and to provide the best service (and the best GAME) possible.

Mission Pack one announced:

Ragnar (Producer/Director): No content was EVER “held back” from launch to pad future updates. Since the day the game launched, the team has been working really hard to prepare content for issue #1, #2, #3…and even future issues. Hell, a (small) part of the team is currently working on issue #8!

Real life meetup:
Dev live Stream happened:
Video of livestream:
From the community
Racism in the game?:
Voice Actors:
White marks getting people into pvp:
Mod to remove clothing no more:
Broken Mods:
Death by Cinematic:

Crafting Corner
The basics explained:
Basic Patterns:

Things to make you go why?
TSW Strategy guide:

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