Beyond the Veil Take 1: The Launch Day Cometh

This week Xander, Bishop, Dion, Ocalot and Galactrix get swept away in the opening week of The Secret World’s launch! So sit back and listen as we explore Funcom’s new flagship game and the events leading up to its landing!

Take a listen as we discuss our love of The Secret World in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Beyond the Veil is a Community based weekly talk show sponsored by Be sure to tune in Mondays and listin to our audio remastered shows.

Looking for a Cabal? look us up in The Secret World.


Host/Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
CoHost: Bishop
Audio Engineer: Xander Hayes
Content Manager: Ocalot
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Show Note

Beyond the Veil Episode 1: The Launch Day Cometh

Before Launch
The Secret War and following ARG

Early Access
The Bad (problems):
Unable to claim items from the item store / not getting items delivered from the store
This issue happened because the server which hosts the store was being overwhelmed with requests for items. By the time I was able to play the game on friday night the fix was ready and the store was taken offline for a very small amount of time for the patch to be applied. The issue is fixed and the item store now works fine.

Not being able to log in
Morteia (TSW Community Manager): I have reported this issue, as it does look like many players are being affected by it. It does, however, seem to stem from the large amount of players currently accessing the character servers.

The best workaround I can recommend is the one that has already been mentioned by several players in this thread.Just close the client and try to log into it again. It seems as though the second or third time may be the charm.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything back about this as soon as possible!

No Names Available
People were unable to create new characters because the game thought all the names were taken. This has been fixed

Bugged Quests
The quests Something Wicked and Men in Black Vans where bugged during prelaunch with users unable to complete them due to problems when it came to interacting with objects for those quests. Men in Black Vans was fixed for launch while Something Wicked still is. Thankfully Something Wicked can still be completed without a official patch by grouping with someone in an instance where the quest is working as intended and being completed from there.

Ugly NPCs
Ragnar (TSW Director and Producer): A lot of the heads in the Betas were placeholders, and we only recently got the final heads into the game. Pastor Hawthorne looks the way he’s supposed to look, while a couple of others — Rogét, Cassandra — didn’t get the proper reviews before going into the game.

We will fix a couple of these, but we’re trying to minimise the amount of changes done to characters that players have become familiar with. It’s like switching out actors on TV shows: while it may be beneficial to the quality of the show, the viewers might react negatively regardless, since they’ve gotten used to them.

The Good (Things gone right):
Hardly Any Bugs or issues:
Besides the previously mentioned issues nothing else was wrong with the game. The servers also stayed up for the whole time only coming down for a quick patch or maintenance (in fact the longest time the servers stayed down was four hours during a scheduled maintenance that players were told about before it happen) this lead to people saying…

Smooth as silk (pre)launch!
While The Inquisitor had this to say: Click here

A Change of date
Tsw launched on July second instead of July Third

Launch day trailer
Click here for launch day video

Meet the Press, Your reviews are in
All in all the reviews for tsw are positive with high rating across the board from all the reviews that I have seen. While there hasn’t been a perfect score yet the game has gotten nearly perfect scores in every review so far which for a new mmo I think says a lot.

The Servers Are (not) Burning
The game servers not only didn’t crash at launch but stayed up and worked so smoothly that it didn’t feel like the game had just launched.

After Launch
From The Community
Initiate pack weapons underpowered?:

Not enough buzz?:
Ragnar (Producer/Director): We’re already getting a lot of attention, but more would be better. Please help spread the word! Everyone who’s playing the game seems to be enjoying it thoroughly, and the game will only benefit from more players. We’ll be able to make more content and features, and quicker, and a lively community means more opportunities for teaming up and participating in PvP.

So yes, if you think the game deserves more buzz, please contribute! We’d really, really appreciate it.

Players looking to the future
New character customization options coming:
Player Housing:

Ragnar (Producer/Director): We have discussed housing/apartments in the past, but decided to not focus on that for launch, since it really isn’t part of our proverbial ‘four pillars’ (i.e. character progression, conflict, story and setting). It’s something I’d like to see us do in the nearish future, however. No, it’s not necessarily an integral part of the core gameplay in TSW, but it IS an important element in giving your character more of an anchor in the world, an identity outside of just being a tool for your faction — a LIFE.

We’ve also had some neat ideas in how to tie your apartment to the gameplay, and to allow it to become a testament to your accomplishments and achievements. The same goes for cabal housing, another idea that’s been discussed on numerous occasions, but was also pushed for post-launch.

I can’t say when apartments and housing will happen — or even IF; we need to investigate, talk about it and also listen to our player base — but it’s on our agenda, and it’s something I’d personally like to see in the game, sooner rather than later. I have a long wish list, however, and it’s not the first thing on there: that would be improved character customisation and…a few other surprises.

The hub cities are boring:
Ragnar (Producer/Director): New interiors and new characters, new doors, new missions, changing environments… It’s all going to happen, gradually, starting very soon.

TSW will never be a static world. We’re keeping it dynamic. There are exciting surprises ahead.

And now a word from the Devs
Servers are filling up:

New server launched, Name: Leviathan Role: Role Playing :

New forums launched :

Funcom News
New CEO:

Shares drop:
Recent News
Chronicle Launched:

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