Beyond the Veil Halloween Contest winners

Halloween time is a very special time of the year for The Secret World. The Cat God event, much like the one last year, is proving to be very successful, with lots and lots of players doing the quests and event’s dungeon/s, as well as hunting for those trick and treat bags up in Blue Mountain region of The Secret World.

The crew of Beyond the Veil added to the festivities with a Halloween contest of their own. The contest was open for two full weeks, with entries received via Twitter and email. It too proved quite a success, with lots of great entries received.

During the last week’s Halloween show on Thursday, 31st of October, we took a look at the 17 entries received and voting got underway. Take a look at the winning entry, an honorable mention that won second place and a few of the other cool entries we’ve received.



Winner of Welovefine t-shirt “League of Monster Slayers” + in-game title “Take Over the World”+ 1200 FP

Halloween_Entry 09A


Winner of Welovefine in-game title “Take Over the World”

Halloween_Entry 04A


Halloween_Entry 05A


Halloween_Entry 06A


Halloween_Entry 07A


Halloween_Entry 12A


Halloween_Entry 15A


Halloween_Entry 17A


In addition to this contest, lots and lots of goodies and treats were given out during the live show. You can check it out in the video of the show’s live recording below.

Watch live streaming video from holosuiteexcess at


As always, a huge thank you goes out to our generous sponsors Funcom and Welovefine, without whom our contest wouldn’t be possible!

Thank you to all the players who participated in this contest and the live show. You made it such a great success and we look forward to having you on the show again and seeing your entries in our future contests.

After all, Christmas is just around the corner and you never know what Santa might bring you if you’ve been very, very good!

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