Vox Arkhona Mission 4 – We Love Crates!


“Everything has a purpose. The Emperor ordains it so. You may corrupt the souls of men. But I am steel! I am doom! I march for Macragge, and I know no fear!” — Proteus, Ultramarines

Greetings Crusaders! Mission 4 – We Love Crates.  Katzu, Gigabyte, and WhiteKong talk 10v10 from episode six and seven of BHVR’s “Into the Warp” livestream, discuss several of the Black Library books currently on the shelves, and wrap it up with a look at the Ultramarines, Vanilla Ultrasmurfs of the 41st Millinium. Linkage:


Hosts: Katzu, Gigabyte, and WhiteKong
Content Managers: Katzu, Gigabyte, and WhiteKong
Remaster Audio Engineer: Graydol
Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
Produced by: Holosuite Media
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @VoxArkhona
Vox Arkhona’s theme is “Relentless War” from the Dawn of War II soundtrack by Doyle W. Donehoo
Vox Arkhona’s Logo by Xander Hayes

Take a listen as we discuss the Warhammer 40,000 universe and Eternal Crusade. Vox Arkhona is a Community based weekly podcast produced by HolosuiteMedia.com. Now on iTunes and Stitcher Satellite Radio! Episodes will be posted every Thursday.

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