Vox Arkhona Mission 10: Let the Galaxy Burn!

Greetings Crusaders! Katzu and Gigabyte talk about episode twenty-five of BHVR’s “Into the Warp” livestream, announce the winner of our Great Crusade Sound Off contest, discuss why we won’t be listening to Belial, and cover the Black Legion, Horus and Abaddon’s Great Legion.


“We were born for battle, Khayon. We were made to conquer the galaxy, not to rot in Hell and die upon our brothers’ blades. Who are the architects of the Imperium? Who fought to purge its territory of aliens and expand its borders? Who brought rebellious worlds to heel and slaughtered those who refused the light of progress? Who walked from one side of the galaxy to the other, marking their passage in a trail of treacherous dead? This is our Imperium. Built across the worlds we burned, over bones we broke, with the blood we shed. You see it too. You feel it now, don’t you? – A new war. One not born of bitterness nor founded on revenge. – The Long War, Khayon.” — Ezekyle Abaddon

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