Tribbles in Ecstasy take 76: Journey’s End for WilV.

This week we wish Mark (H2ORat) Valentine a speedy recovery, talk and play a little with the new Andorian Kumari vessel and talk about Toy Fair 2013 and the PS4.  We also bid farewell to WilV as host of TIE.  However, like the Doctor, TIE will be back with a new face and personality.  Stay tuned for details on what’s next to come!

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Host: WilV
CoHost: Alastor
Audio Engineer: Xander Hayes
Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @TribblesInXTC
TIE’s theam song by Warp11
TIE’s Logo by Michel Achard

Tribbles In Ecstasy


Contact person

Xander Hayes

[email protected]

Show Notes : 76


In episode 69 we wished Mark (H2ORat) Valentine a speedy recovery.  For those who don’t know, Mark’s been battling cancer for several months now.  He’s been on medical leave and has moved to LA to receive treatment.  The treatment itself is extremely expensive and wasn’t originally covered by insurance.  Handling the cost of treatment and the ongoing costs of maintaining a home up here while living temporarily in a new home down South so that he can receive the treatment he needs has proven very difficult for Mark.  Please help support him if you can. 

Star Trek Online


1. Fleet Mark update!

  • No-Win Scenario:
    • Increased the rewards for rounds 4, 5 and 6 from 5/8/13 to 10/18/28 respectively.
    • This increases Fleet Mark rewards by 30.
  • The following events now grant an additional 30 Fleet Marks.
    • Colony Invasion
    • Starbase Blockade
    • Starbase Fleet Defense
    • Starbase Incursion
  • Starbase Alert now grants an extra 10 Fleet Marks each time an enemy wave is defeated for the first 3 waves.
  • Azure Nebula rescue now grants twice as many Fleet Marks.
  • Defera invasion missions:
    • Easy missions now grant 13 Fleet Marks.
    • Medium missions now grant 35 Fleet Marks.
    • Hard missions now grant 60 Fleet Marks.
  • Nukara missions:
    • Easy missions now grant 13 Fleet Marks.
    • Medium missions now grant 35 Fleet Marks.
    • Hard missions now grant 60 Fleet Marks.
  • Mine Trap now grants an extra 30 Fleet Marks upon completion.
  • Added 50 Fleet Marks to each of the PVP daily wrappers:
    • Raze Enemy Headquarters (Daily)
    • Raze Enemy Secret Headquarters (Lt. General – Daily)
    • Dominate the Heroes of the Enemy (Daily)
    • Dominate the Leaders of the Enemy (Lt. General – Daily)
    • Claiming Enemy Reserves (Daily)
    • Claiming Enemy Emergency Reserves (Lt. General – Daily)
    • Reclaim the Neutral Zone (Daily)
    • Restore the Neutral Zone (Vice Admiral – Daily)
    • Into the Fray (Daily); To the Front Lines (Vice Admiral – Daily)
    • Pacify Enemy Heroes (Daily)
    • Pacify Enemy Leaders (Vice Admiral – Daily)

2.Ask Cryptic: February 2013
In this brand-new edition of Ask Cryptic, Executive Producer Daniel Stahl delivers answers to player submitted questions.  These questions were asked on Thursday and Friday (2/7 and 2/8) in this thread, as well as in our French and German forums. 

3. Season 7 Dev Blog #37 (Designing the Andorian Kumari Escorts)
Ship Artist Ian “JamJamz” Richards shares details about the process behind designing the upcoming Andorian Kumari Escorts in this entry of the Season 7 News Dev Blog series.

4. Season 7 Dev Blog #38 (Andorian Escorts – Kumari Line)
Details about the Kumari Line of Andorian Escorts are revealed in this entry of the Season 7 News Dev Blog series.

Spotlight Foundry

1. “Sins of the Son” by Netherblood
Faction: Klingon
Level Requirement: any
Mission Summary: In the Silias system, the privileged son of a renowned Klingon Captain has been imprisoned by the Federation. The concerned father is desperate for help. Fight through the Federation blockade to find and rescue his captive son.

2. “The Longing” by RachelGarrett
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 41+
Mission Summary: A Federation colony is caught in the crossfire when, in their quest for perfection, the Borg come after a rather unique life form on the planet. 

Star Trekkin’

1. Star Trek-style holodeck becomes reality as scientists invent 3D vitual reality system
Scientists in the United States have turned science fiction into reality with a wrap-around virtual reality screen where researchers can visualise their data in three dimensions.

2. Crew You Want To Join On An Away Mission Is…, for our latest poll, asked “Which Star Trek crew would you join on an away mission?” More than 14,000 fans voted and the results are in — and it really wasn’t a close race.

The Next Generation beamed up 36 percent of the vote

Voyager tallied 26 percent

The Original Series notched 15 percent

Deep Space Nine garnered 12 percent

Enterprise brought up the rear with 10 percent

3. William Shatner slams JJ Abrams directing Star Wars: ‘He’s being a pig’.
Shatner – who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek – told Movie Fanatic it was wrong for Abrams for take on the Star Wars franchise while he is still heavily involved in Star Trek into Darkness.

Now for something completely different

1. ‘Half-Life’ the Movie? J.J. Abrams and game developer Valve join forces
Directing the new “Star Wars” movie (“Episode VII,” not one of the now increasingly confusing supposed spin-off films) apparently isn’t enough to keep J.J. Abrams busy, as he’s now got his eye on expanding his Bad Robot empire to the world of video games.

2. Toy Fair 2013
A review of some of the items showcased in Toy Fair 2013.

3. Comics: DC Revives Batman/Superman Comic
It’s long been wishful thinking on the part of fans that DC would revive the team up of Batman and Superman in the New 52. We’ve now officially learned that the comic book series will be relaunched this June titled Batman/Superman. USA Today revealed that World War Hulk writer Greg Pak will pen the new series with The Inhumans artist Jae Lee drawing.

4. Sony announces PS4
Sony today officially announced that the PlayStation 4 is coming Holiday 2013! You can watch a replay of the live stream by clicking here, but many of the videos are now available separately as well below. You can also check out the full press release on the new system underneath the videos!

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