Tribbles in Ecstasy take 73: Happy 3 year anniversary STO!

This week we have a special treat, as Tim Russ answers some of our questions and we celebrate STO’s THIRD anniversary!

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Show Notes : 73

Special Interview

Tim Russ

Star Trek Online


1. Season 7 Dev Blog #32  
Content Designer Charles Gray shares details about the upcoming 3-Year Anniversary event in this entry of the Season 7 News Dev Blog series. 

2. PC Gamer Exclusive Reveal   
PC Gamer has posted an exclusive first look at our 3-Year Anniversary spotlight video and brand-new infographic, along with a couple of other surprises. Check out the reveal here.  

3. Season 7 Dev Blog #34
Lead Content Designer Scott “Goatshark” Shicoff shares details about the third Embassy Featured Project in this entry of the Season 7 News Dev Blog series.  

Spotlight Foundry

1. “Spectres, Episode Six” by HippieJohn.
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 16+
Mission Summary: The U.S.S. Rueben James, NCC-1707, was lost 145 years ago in 2265 in the Sherman System in an engagement with Klingon Forces. Could one of the first major Starfleet losses during the early days of space exploration be your fault? And will a daring mission to the past with your crew be the only way to set the timeline right?
This mission was also the winning mission from Foundry Challenge #5

2. “The Fire In Which We Burn” by Captain_Revo.
Faction: Klingon
Level Requirement: 16+
Mission Summary: A distress call sends you on a rescue mission to an obscure outpost, yet all is not what it first appears. Several factions now vie for control of the most precious resource in the universe. Time itself. 

Star Trekkin’

1. Trek Series That Deserved Another Season Is…
More than 11,000 people voted in our latest poll, responding to the question: Which series should have had one more season? The options were The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. And the winner was Enterprise.
Enterprise (32%)

The Original Series (23%)

The Next Generation (18%)

Voyager (17%)

Deep Space Nine (10%)

Dan Stahl QA transcript (partial)

[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]KDF updates are coming this year – not going to share details yet
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Andorian Ship in Feb
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Andorian ship might be ship(s)
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: There is discussion of Fekhiri story extension, but focus will be on war
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Flamethrower is still in qa – needs a few more fixes first
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Foundry Spotlight rewards are going to be like normal foundry rewards (aka every mission gives rewards no cooldown) but better than normal foundry – coming in Feb
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]RE: Specific Costume Issues – I don’t have specific details on each costume – you’ll have to email me at [email protected] and I’ll dig into each
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Server Stability = Way more people than we expected (we expected a lot too) and we had to add more power/db streamlines –
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]re: Ship issues or specific bugs =- email me directly and I will dig into each
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: RE: Shield modes – interesting idea – I’ll pass it to systems guys
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Jem Attack Ship may be back soon – working on details
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Ambassador is headed to Fleet Store – not C-Store from what I heard
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Amb. and Odyssey will be coming to Foundry this year
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We are discussing more tiers to starbases – no details to share yet
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We may have multiple ships under you command in space when we hit Fleet Admiral ranks
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Inventory space/ship slots is something we are working on for next update
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Our next major update is in May – i cannot discuss any details yet
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Temporal Ambassador mission will be permanent addition to game – T5 Ambassador is limited time tho
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Re: Weapon Stats/Balancing – email me and I’ll forward to the math folks
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We are looking into additional localizations for STO in 2013 – we haven’t confirmed which languages yet, but I’ve heard possibly Portugeuse as a top contender
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Customizeable Kits are on the docket for 2013
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We will most likely go to Delta Before Gamma
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: PVP Updates is after May update
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We have more REps on the way – PVP, Tholians are two at top of list
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: T3 Ambassador will be available indefinitely – T5 limited time
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: It is a personal goal to get factions to where they need to be – I’ve said this for years and you’ll just have to wait and see
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We are considering a kickstarter model for ship designs – just discussions at this point
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: [email protected] – email me issues or suggestions
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Re-Trait is in the works – Re-Species is a possibility but we haven’t finalized that part yet
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Our Fleet is at Level 3 and grinding like the rest of you
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Fleet Marks for PvP is a distinct possiblity
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Jem Attack Ship is coming soon – working on details now
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Crafting is most likely end of 2013 or early 2014
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: New UI that Thomas the Cat is working on is a reskinning and reLCARsing of existing UI – improving – not replcaing
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Re-Trait will allow you to reset traits and or add more than before <More than before as in 5,6,or 7 traits?
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: For bugs, issues, costume comlplaints, etc – email me I don’t have all bug status in my head
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Yes we are going to 6 day work weeks at least for next two months – we have a lot to do
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Will there be peace? Maybe – but something has to present an opportunity for peace – we are a ways from that right now
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We are going to support your choice UI coloring
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We are fairly confident the launcher issue from earlier this week is resolved after working all week with the ISPs to track down the routing issues
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: More Fleet Ships are coming – I don’t have the list
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Email me if you think a mission timer is wrong – we’ll fix it
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Delta before Gamma
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Galaxy will get Saucer Sep – damnit!
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Real customizeable interiors is a goal but about a year off from reality
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We do plan to retrofit older events like CE and Kerrate – we may not revamp them, but may take concept and remake them
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Bugkeeping is constant – we release bug fixes every week
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: STFs in the latter part of the year if all goes according to plan
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: email me specific cases and fleet info if your fleet is in a weird state – I’ll investigate
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Foundry on your ship is a ways off
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Older Fleet Actions will return at some point once they get remastering
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We are going to be adding more costume options for the next big update – more than normal
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Kits for KDF could be next season – it is potentially part of kit revamp
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We are considering Risa for a future summer event
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Character Creation Options are getting an overhaul for next update
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We are redoing our Character Creator for May – almost completely remade
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We will continue to make missions around Trek – sometimes that will be story – sometimes that will be big ships duking it out
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: but we want to stay focused on “TREK”
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: No current plans to reduce fleet ship prices
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Existing character models will remain valid for next may
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: We will lean towards fLeet marks being for fleet play only
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: we have on our mid-term goals the revamp of BOFF abilities and training along with ship loadouts and ease of training
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: If you have bugs that are causing you grief and feel they are criticial -= email me – we have a huge bug database – we continue to squash them weekly
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Cryptic Designed Ships are coming – some in May
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: I’ll repeat – it is my personal goal to resolve factions in the game. If I coudl say more, I would
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Level cap increases are in design right now – will happen over next 12 months or so
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Fleet Admiral will be max skillpoint cap – but there will be alternate advancement and future reps
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Fleet Maps for Foundry -= great idea – ZeroniusRex is the person to hit up for that
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Silver members will get access to ships at FAdmiral
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Crew of Bortasq is part of a potential KDF storyline – no details to share yet
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: There will be Seasons in the future – next update is not a season
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: May = Big Update, then we go back to season for a while
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Lifetime accounts will be on sale a couple times a year – don’t have dates on me
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Scimitar ship is reserved for any future Romulan Faction
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Btw – I have 10 minutes before I have to go – I’m reading and responding as well as I can – if I don’t get to your question email me: [email protected]
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: more emotes – I’ve heard this is coming but I can’t remember which emotes
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Classic Retrofits are possibly an idea for future Crafting
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Vet Rewards are at max for now, but we may reconsider that in the future
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: New Subscriber Benefits are coming in May update
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Captains Table definitely needs love – no eta yet though – other subscriber and lt benefits being dicussed tho
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: May update is going to be awesome in my opinion
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Other Trek Game ships are tricky – they must have clearance from CBS for us to use them
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Custscene editor for Foundry is something we’ve discussed but it is a ways off
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Optional Objectives for Foundry is something we’ve always wanted, but it is tricky – we are asking Neverwinter if they can look into it since they have all the Foundry code going on at the moment
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Ent J is not going to happen according to CBS
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Re: Foundry Combat/Non-combat – we are looking into it, but for now rewards are based on other metrics – more filtering may be possible in future tho
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Not sure when next Zen sale is – that is all Perfect World
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Again – if you didn’t get your question answered or you missed the answer I gave previously – email me and I’ll do what I can to respond
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: AGAIN: EMAIL ME if you really have an issue that you feel is critical – I will do my best to investigate – [email protected]
[REDALERT] <Dev> [email protected]: Thanks – heading out – HERE”S TO 3 MORE YEARS OF STO!!! AND BEYOND!!!

 Link to Rachel Garret’s 3 year anniversary tribute


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