Tribbles in Ecstasy take 65: “To click or not to click”

tribbles-itunes-450x450This week Will Alastor and the rest of the tribbles discuss the State of the game, and the death of the Clicker mission.

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              Star Trek Online


1. State of the game Star Trek Online Executive Producer Dan Stahl checks in with this month’s State of the Game article.

2. The Story So Far A backstory for the events taking place in season 7 is being laid down for us via Dev Blog narratives.  Last time we went over season 7 Dev blogs 6 and 9, today we’ll touch on 13 and 15.  In these logs we find out what 2 members from both the KDF and Federation think of this proposed alliance with the new Romulus movement.  Cpt. James Wells of Starfleet is under orders to secretly help the New Romulans find twa home with the help of a Romulan adviser.  He notes that D’Tan’s movement seems to be gaining more and more support from Romulans who are fed up with the selfishness and infighting in the senate.  However, he says that in his opinion D’Tans reunification efforts with the Vulcan’s will not bear fruit due to the differences in philosophy and culture.
As for the KDF, Woldan, son of J’rek in a letter to the house of Duras mentions he’s going to back D’tan’s request for help in the high council.  He even goes as far as to compare the Romulans to his own people after the destruction of Praxis.  He feels that the biggest threat to the movement will come from the Tal Shiar, who inspite of being in chaos won’t  willingly loosen their grip on these citizens and predicts blood will be spilled.  He also notes that in a time of so much conflict for the Empire it’s better to have a willing ally than another enemy and that J’mpok has lost sight of the bigger picture.  In his opinion the chancellor is so busy trying to keep the Federation and Klingons fighting that he’s ignored the true threat, the Iconians.

3. Season 7 gets a release date  Along with the exclussive trailer for season 7, was also the first to get it’s release date of November 13.

4. The death of clicker missions Clicker missions have long been a pet peeve of many in the foundry community.  In many cases the exploitative missions allow players to complete their foundry daily missions in seconds w/ just 1 click of a console, rewarding the player w/ fleetmarks, dilithium and xp for no effort at all.  Cryptic has heard the community’s outcry and has patched tribble with a solution.  They’ve updated the requirements for the “Investigation Officer Reports” (Foundry) Daily missions so that now, only projects that normally reward XP and EC will count towards completion.  Furthermore the foundry mission description will now indicate when it will not count towards the Foundry mission daily.


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