Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 63: It’s a FLAAAAAAAAAKE!

This week Don Burrito and the cast discussed the upcoming changes to STO in Season 7 and then were joined by the one and only Brandon Felczer, aka PWE_BranFlakes, the Community Manager for STO.

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Star Trek Online

 1. The Story So Far – A back-story for the events taking place in season 7 is being laid down for us via Dev Blog narratives.  Dev Blogs 6 goes into details about how the fragile Romulan government has once again been plunged into chaos after the disappearance of Sela and how D’Tan, a Romulan with a vision, thinks the Romulans need to find a new way.  In Dev Blog 9 we start to see more on D’Tan’s plans, which include extending the hand of friendship to the Reman rebellion led by Obisek as well as to the Federation and Klingon governments

2. Season 7 Dev Blog #7 – The fleet system has been expanded and players will now have a new holding to progress through.  Producer Steve “SalamiInferno” Ricossa, Jr. shares details about the upcoming Fleet System expansion in this entry of the Season 7 News Dev Blog series.

Embassy Fleet Holding

  • Fleet Members will be able to contribute to projects to earn XP and provisions, and unlock tiers just like with the Starbase Holding.
  • The fleet embassy comprises a single ground map that will receive a cosmetic upgrade and several functional upgrades per tier.
  • Embassy progression is different than starbase progression.
    • The embassy is made up of three total tracks, with three tiers per track.
      • Diplomacy Track
      • Recruitment Track
      • Overall Embassy Track
  • There are all new rewards throughout the Embassy progression that are complementary to the Starbase Fleet Rewards.

3. Season 7 DevBlog #8 – With the upcoming reputation system a change is being made to the way STF gear and set items are earned.  Executive Producer Daniel Stahl shares details about the upcoming Task Force Omega Reputation System in this entry of the Season 7 News Dev Blog series.
STF changes 

  • The following content provides Omega Marks:
    • Normal Special Task Force Missions
      • 25% additional Marks for the bonus objective
    • Elite Special Task Force Missions
      • Elite rewards three times the Omega marks of a Normal STF.
      • 25% additional Marks for the bonus objective.
      • Elite also gives an elite omega mark.
        • A token amount of elite marks are required for Mk 12 set gear.
        • Elite marks can also be converted to dilithium through the reputation system.
    • Borg Red Alerts
    • Defera Invasion

5. This week we have a special guest Star Trek Online Community Manager Brandon Felczer.


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