Tribbles In Ecstasy Take 61: Lifetime, Lets’s Get Ready to Rumble

This week the cast became very passionate on the issue of the new Lifetime and Veteran Rewards for Star Trek Online.

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Star Trek Online

1. New Lifetime Benefits All current and future Lifetime Subscribers now have instant access to all Veteran Rewards, regardless of purchase date! This includes the 1000-Day ships that were introduced in this blog.

2. New Ask Cryptic
A. psyloaf A while ago we heard talk of the playable First Officer system giving Captain powers to First Officers. Furthermore, there was talk of making Bridge Officers department heads that would provide bonuses. Are there any new updates on this front? Dstahl: As a player achieves the rank of Admiral, we would like the player to take on the responsibilities of developing and managing the ships under their command. There are several features that will be developed to represent this in game. One of those features is the ability to have your First Officer occupy a special, additional station on your bridge. We also anticipate Admirals being able to assign crew to ships in their command that can either assist the Admiral in space, or attempt their own special assignments. Look for these features when we get closer to increasing the skillpoint cap to Admiral.

B. icegavel You’ve mentioned this “Reputation” system a lot recently. Any chance we could get a few details to chew on while we wait for its release?Dstahl: Certainly. We are introducing two new Reputations with Season 7 – Romulans and Omega Fleet. These Reputations will exist as a new tab on the status window. The system was designed at the same time that we created the Fleet System and so anyone who has used the Fleet Project contribution UI will be familiar with how Reputations work. Similar to Fleet Holding, Reputations will require projects where players will contribute items they’ve earned through gameplay towards advancement. Each Reputation has at least one unique input that is tied to mission drops and rewards. For example, the new Romulan reputation will require items that can be found by helping the Romulan colonists in Season 7 with all the various tasks they need done in order to secure their colony. Similarly, the Omega Fleet Rep will require items found in the STFs, including the new “Into the Hive” STF. As you rank up each Reputation, it will unlock new rewards at each tier. These rewards may include new passive and active Captain powers or even new equipment or officers. Unlike the Fleet system, Reputation rewards do not require provisioning, but instead require special projects that, once finished, can be used to claim an individual reward. In the future, we have plans to add more Reputations for other factions and political entities within the Star Trek universe.

3. Season 6 DEV Blog #30 Last week saw the release of a new DEV blog. In it we were given a breakdown of what to look forward to in featured project #7, the latest in a line fleet base projects that add a cosmetic flare to your fleet’s star base.

4. Season 7 Dev Blog #1 In the first entry of the Season 7 News Dev Blog series, Chris Dods shares details about the upcoming Into the Hive STF.

5. Season 7 Dev Blog #2 Towards the end of this episode, a new Dev Blog discussing the new Tau Dewa Sector came out and the cast was pretty excited

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