Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 57: Star Trek on Dial-Up

This week long time community member WilV joined the cast to give his own “State of the Game” address for STO.

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1. Ask Cryptic – This month Dan Stahl answers a few of the burning questions on the players minds and you might be surprised by the frankness of the answers

a. Q: (starcrow1701) When will there be shuttle hangars? Will there be new shuttle missions?

Dstahl: One of the new Fleet Holdings in Season 7 will involve a Shuttle Bay. In addition, we are working on a new feature that will allow all players to select a default starship and shuttle so that if you queue for a shuttle mission while in your starship, it will swap you to your default shuttle for the mission. Once this feature is on Holodeck we plan to add more shuttle specific missions.

b. Q: (fedwarrior) For two factions at war, the feds and klinks don’t appear to engage each other much. Is there any plans to improve PVP and make it more a core part of the game?

Dstahl: Even though this question pops up every month, it is important to note that I’m taking the “build it and they will come” attitude towards the KDF. Despite the fact that a minority of players play KDF, there is still a dream that we can build up the two factions into two healthy adversaries that could warrant the “war” that is going on. This is why I’ve been actively pursuing all of the resources necessary to tackle the biggest issue first – which is to allow players to create a KDF faction character as their first character. As it is, you must create a FED, level it to 24, and then you can roll a KDF toon. Problem is, you’re already invested in your FED, so it makes it more challenging for you to want to play KDF. This means building a KDF tutorial and ensuring that you can play KDF from level 1 onward. Once this happens (which I hope it will in the future) it will warrant the type of PvP Battlegrounds that PvP fans (and PWE) are wishing was part of this game.

c. Q: (alastorforthrigh) As a member of a small but active fleet I’ve felt the strain on resources that a fleet Starbase gives. It’s very difficult for small fleets to acquire the resources to finish featured projects on time. It’s even more difficult for small fleets to gather the necessary DOFFs for base and project upgrades. Is there something being talked about by the Dev team to make it less straining on a small fleets resources so that they don’t have to spend 100% of their time grinding resources to devote to the base?

Dstahl: Yes. There are several updates in the works to help alleviate some of the strain of finding some of the rarer items needed by projects. While I don’t expect the feature projects to change much, we do intend to put all feature projects back into rotation at some point in the future. Balancing the Fleet system when Fleet sizes range from 1 player up to 500 players is challenging, and so we’ve tried to find a happy medium by analyzing all of the fleet statistics to come up with the common denominator while still encouraging players to be in a fleet. We recognize that smaller fleets will be challenged but if it were any easier, big fleets wouldn’t be challenged at all. That said, we continue to add benefits and options to help smaller such as the Fleet Mark boost (available from Starbase vendors) that we just started offering for Fleet Credits. If it is any consolation, our internal development has a small active fleet (about 25 devs) on Holodeck (we’re purposely using anonymous non-dev accounts so that we can’t cheat) that is in the same situation. We have internal contests related to getting out team Starbase to various levels before Season 7 releases, so we have an active incentive to keep an eye on this and make sure we are feeling the same pain.

2. Poll from Ask Cryptic – At the end of the new Ask Cryptic, DStahl started up a new poll to see what features the playerbase would like to see added to the game next year

3. WilV his State of the game – We posed a few questions to a long time player of STO about what he thinks about the state of STO and his impressions of where the game is headed

Star Trekkin

1. Google celebrates 46 years of Star Trek – Last week google changed the google search to celebrate Star Trek and a quarter to the person that can tell us where the tribbles were

2. Second Season of TNG on Blu-Ray – It was just announced that the Blu-Ray release of the second season of TNG is coming out on December 4th. And yes there will be a special theater event just like there was for the release of the first season

3. Star Trek Into Darkness – As catchy as everything else Star Trek the newest title springs to mind awesome images to wet the taste buds to wet the appetite of every Star Trek fan what villian will it be or what strange new planet will we be visiting

4. Walter Koenig’s Star Celebration streamed live – Earlier this week a Star Trek Legend was awarded a Star on Hollywoods walk of fame the entire celebration was streamed live

Now For Something Completely Different

1. The Force Glove – Finally the force can be strong in anyone http://geek-ne

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