Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 55: We Came, We Saw, We Went Beyond

This week the cast chose several questions from the upcoming September edition of “Ask Cryptic” that stood out to us and tried out the PvP map “Shanty Town”.

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Host: Don Burrito
CoHost: Alastor
Audio Engineer: Dion Sol
Content Manager: Bishop
Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Tribbles In XTC
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Star Trek Online

1.UGC Summer Contest – It was reported this week that with all the downtime and everything the summer contest for the signed Spock print has been extended

2. New Wallpapers – Some new wallpapers were posted up on the STO website this week. These wallpapers were made by ThomastheCat and they are all very impressive

3. Upcoming Ask Cryptic – The September edition of Ask Cryptic is coming up soon, and here are some questions that the community are asking that we hope will be answered.
A. starcrow1701 – When will there be shuttle hangars (as in when can we go to the shuttlebay inside of our ship)? Will there be new shuttle missions?
B. draven1907 – Will there be an update for exploration missions and exploration in general? What about the First Officer and Department Heads system?
C. Alastor – The Ferasans are very popular, yet they aren’t really represented in the game. They’re a species, yet they have no ship or ships of their own. It’s been suggested that an Escort Carrier like ship be developed for them, so is this something we could see to really give the Ferasans a sense of inclusion. After all the Catians got their own ship, why should the Ferasans not as well?

4. Shanty Town – Something that a couple of us here have not ever played could be something for those admirals with nothing to do
Brief synopsis

5. Dev Blog 25 – new Uniforms coming out this weekwhich is totally awesome

Star Trekkin

1.Artimus Bridge Simulator – So lets say that you and a few of your buddies are setting around on a Saturday night with nothing to do well soon we may have the answer

2. Star Trek Fat HeadsWalls 360 – I know that everyone has thought of having Data standing by your computer or the Enterprise orbiting the dinning room table well heres your chance

3. Resiskan Flute – The Inner light was a totally memorable iconic episode and now ithe prop can be yours for 300 on

3. Apple’s Patent Lawsuit Takes Down the Enterprise – The group HAL9000 has made a viral video about how Apple’s recent lawsuit win against Samsung would affect the Enterprise

4. Cooking in style and more – Ever wanted to cook out wearing ypur combadge and phaser well dont forget the apron

5. Scott Bakula Auction – Famed Star Trek actor Scott Bakula is selling off some of his scripts from his personal collection signed

Now For Something Completely Different

1.Batman Beyond – Here are 10 reasons why the hit cartoon series deserves its shot at the big screen

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