Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 40: We got Lobi and missed it!

This weeks Tribbles in Ecstasy contains a run throu of the May ASK CRYPTIC. Xander and the cast talk about our thought on this and lots more.

Take a listen as we discuss our love of Star Trek and STO in a casual and friendly atmosphere.Tribbles is a Community based weekly talk show sponsored by and Be sure to tune in Friday, 6pm EST on for our live show and listin to our audio remastered shows on on Wedesdays at 12pm EST.

Follow with us in our IRC chat room at or in STO’s game chat at “holosuite”. If you wish to add our IRC channel to any Apps, add #holosuite from the server. Any questions, comments or ideas about our show, please write to us.

Looking for a fleet, look us up in Star Trek Online. We have two very fun fleet, on the Federation side it’s Tribbles in Ecstasy, and on the KDF it’s Targs in Ecstasy.


Host/Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
CoHost: Alastor
Audio Engineer: Dion Sol
Content Manager: Bishop
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Tribbles In XTC
TIE’s theam song by Warp11
TIE’s Logo by Michel Achard

 Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 40 Show Notes

Star Trekkin

1. The coolest thing to spruce up your readyroom or Quarters

2.Star Trek the Sequel rapped on May 8th now just another year of Post peoduction then its off to the movies we go

3. San Diego theater to Host Trek Nation for exclusive ComiCon kickoff event

Star Trek: Online

1. New Ask Cryptic is Out for May and PWE BRANFLAKES says Eng. reports are coming later in the month

2.Jam Jamz says that Tacs will be getting some love in Season 6

3.Gozer will begin today a Forum thread outlining the changes to PVP

4. The People of STO by Jam Jamz

5. Foundry Challenge Winner announced

6. Be Sure to like STO in Facebook for a chance to win C-Store points

Meet the Doffs

1 Guide to T4 commendation
on the forms people have posted a nice guide on getting to the tier four commendation rank

2.Introduction of Flightdeck Doffs
These doffs offer a reduce cooldown on your boarding parties

3. Set Doffs to stun
A interesting doff name has cropped up on the forms a security doff by the name of stun

4 Possible on the the duty officer roster expansion
heretic has posted on the forms that there may be future duty officer roster expansionx

5. Possible for commendations rank 5
people on the forms have been asking if the commendation rank be raised to tier 5 in the next season release Heretic has responded with a possibility of this rank up

Now For Something Completely Different

1. Star Trek like Hologram revolutionizes teleconfrencing

2. Carl Shelby Dies at 89

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