Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 36: The Inner Light

Xander, Alastor and the cast of Tribbles dedicate this episode to the loving memory of Eduard Nuja and Aaron Richard Ray Sr. You will be missed…

Take a listen as we discuss our love of  Star Trek and STO in a casual and friendly atmosphere.Tribbles is a Community based weekly talk show sponsored by and Be sure to tune in Friday, 6pm EST on for our live show and listin to our audio remastered shows on on Wedesdays at 12pm EST.

Follow with us in our IRC chat room at or in STO’s game chat at “holosuite”. If you wish to add our IRC channel to any Apps, add #holosuite from the server. Any questions, comments or ideas about our show, please write to us.

Looking for a fleet, look us up in Star Trek Online.  We have two very fun fleet, on the Federation side it’s Tribbles in Ecstasy, and on the KDF it’s Targs in Ecstasy.


Host/Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
CoHost: Alastor
Audio Engineer: Dion Sol
Content Manager: Bishop
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Tribbles In XTC
TIE’s theam song by Warp11
TIE’s Logo by Michel Achard  

Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 36 Show Notes

Star Trekken

  1. CBS says no to new Star Trek series
  2. A blow up captains chair

Now something different

  1. New Flying Car from “Terrafugia”
  2. Neverwinter places Game of Show at PAX East


  1. Happy Birthday to Dan Stahl 4-7 (confirmed by Facebook)
  2. Small STF Update Incoming
  3. Dev Blog 41
  4. Heretic giving the framwork of deleopling Starbases We are in the process of finalizing the basic framework for starbases and fleet advancement. Once this is done and settled internally, we will be able to speak about it much more freely.The goals for the system include:
  • Provides for long-term endgame advancement
  • Fair for both small and large fleets
  • Fair for both casual and hardcore fleets
  • Creates a foundation upon which can be potentially built things like territorial control
  • Create significant opportunities for additional endgame play

Provide additional use for many existing resources including Energy Credits, Dilithium, Commodities, Duty Officers, etc. Integrates with the duty officer system Allows for differentiation between fleets Directly rewards personal contributions to the fleet Provides a low barrier to entry Provides functional gameplay both for fleet leaders and also for every member of a fleet

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