Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 136: Extra Passengers

The year is 2151…

Once an attraction at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Yellowstone Caldera turns supervolcano and erupts throwing the Earth into chaos and darkness. In this time of devastation begins a mass exodus from our once beautiful world in hopes of escaping the clutches of death from our now dyeing planet.

Amounts the twilight, a shining star calls to us, for in her gaze is a new world, a new home, a new beginning for the children of earth. But the question is, who will go and who must stay behind…

5th Passenger tells the story of Eve Miller, part of a four man crew set adrift in deep darkness of space. A survivor. Eve and her fellow crew escape in a life pod after their transport ship explodes before reaching their new home planet. They fight among themselves as they run low on air, but quickly realize they must work together for their not alone…


In this episode the U.S.S. Tribble, sailing under the command of her host MidNite Shadow sets a new course with intrepid cast mates Black Magnum, Skipper, Xander and Woody to rendezvous with guests from the Star Trek alumni filled film 5th Passenger. The crew talks a Scott Baker (5th Passenger Writer/Director), Manu Intiraymi (Actor) and Morgan Lariah (5th Passenger Co-Creator and Actor) where we learn all about the 5th Passenger, its up and coming kickstarter on October 9th, 2014 and more!

Together, this ship and her legacy are under the command of this still young crew, to them and their posterity we will commit our future. May the starship Tribble continue the voyages they have begone, and journey to all the undiscovered content, boldly going where no Trekkie has gone before…

Take a listen as we discuss our love of Star Trek and STO in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Tribbles is a Community based weekly talk show sponsored by Be sure to tune in Friday, 8pm EST on for our live show and listen to our audio remastered shows on Holosuite Media and on iTunes.

Looking for a fleet? Look us up in Star Trek Online! We have two very fun fleets. On the Federation side it’s Psi Tribbles Fleet, and on the KDF it’s Targs in Ecstasy.


Host: MidNite Shadow
Co-Hosts: Black Magnum, Skipper, Xander Hayes and Woody
Broadcaster: Xander Hayes
Guests: Scott Baker (5th Passenger Writer/Director), Manu Intiraymi (Actor), Morgan Lariah (5th Passenger Co-Creator and Actor)
Audio Engineer: Xander Hayes
Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @TribblesInXTC
TIE’s theme song by Warp11
TIE’s Logo by Michel Achard

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Indie sci-fi thriller, 5th Passenger, will commence principle photography this winter at Space Command Studios. Helmed by newcomers Scott Baker and Morgan Lariah, it features Ethan Phillips, Tim Russ and Manu Intiraymi from Star Trek: Voyager.

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