Tribbles In Ecstacy Take 64: Breaking WilV in.

This week the tribbles welcome new Host WilV.  Wil is an awesome gamer whos understanding of STO and Sci-Fi is second to none.  Along with Alastor, Bishop and the rest of the tribbles we welcome Alimac30, Foundry Author and Host of The Great Link to the show to recap Destination Star Trek London, The foundry and the future of STAR TREK ONLINE.

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                                                                       Star Trek Online

Special guest Today we are joined by foundry author, blogger and co-host of The Great Link Alimac30, who will give us a recap of his Destination Star Trek London experience.


1.Gameranx’s top 5 listed it’s top 5 Free to play MMOs and Star Trek Online made the cut.

2. Season 6 Devblog #33 (Starbase feature Project #9) Our next special feature is, “Welcome Guests”.  Upon completion of this special project, your starbase’s interior will see increased population. Klingons will get a visit from Morn and dancing girls, while members of Starfleet will be visited by Morn and Latinum traders. This special project will be available around 10AM PDT on November 1, 2012, until around 10AM PDT on November 15, 2012.


3. Tribble Test Weekend This coming weekend is a Tribble Test Weekend! Not only can you test out the new content releasing with the launch of Season 7: New Romulus, but you can earn a special reward for doing so.


3.Season 7 Devblog #11 (Mine Trap) Content Designer Charles Gray shares details about the upcoming 20-captain Mine Trap event in this entry of the Season 7 News Dev Blog series.


 Spotlight Foundry

1.Dead men tell no tales The Foundry for Star Trek Online gives players a chance to create and share their very own stories with the world. These Spotlight Missions were designed by members of the Star Trek Online community and are great playable examples of what you, too, can add to the Star Trek Online universe.
This week’s spotlighted mission is a level 16+ KDF mission by Aavarius called “Dead Men Tell No Tales”.


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