TIE’s Interview with DStahl!

DStahl Interview overview:

On the heels of our last Epic interview with CapnLogan, Tribbles get to talk to the Captain of Star Trek Online him self, Dan Stahl!

We at TRIBBLES [(cause the Dion demands CAPITALS) LMAO] aimed to make this a discussion on wide range in game topics, from past ideas to what lies ahead. We tried to not be a straight out question and answer as many podcast do, but keeping more to our talk show roots.

The Show contains Risa from TrekRadio plus some members of our show like Alastor, Roland, Gingerbrit, Deyvid and of course me, Xander, Host of Tribbles in Ecstasy and HoloSuite Magazine.

During the show, we want to have a casual conversation and have Q&A as topics change. We chatted about Zinga mugs, Fleets, Faction- Specific comm badges, Ship Emotes, KDF, STF’s, Foundry, and lots of never told before sweets that I don’t want to spoil the show. Also below is proposal we passed to Dan’s attention. For the KDF Bundle Pack that Klingons will love, Look below. So sink your teeth in and enjoy the Ride!!

Take a listen as we discuss our love of  STO in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Tribbles is a Community based weekly talk show sponsored by TrekRadio.netSubspace-Radio.netBladeRadio.com and HolosuiteMagazine.com. Be sure to stay with us in our IRC chat room or in game at “holosuite” channel. If you have any questions, comments or ideas about our show, please write to us.


Host/Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
Audio Engineer: Dion Sol
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Tribbles In XTC
TIE’s theam song by Warp11
TIE’s Logo by Michel Achard  


KDF Bundle Pack
D-5 Battle Cruiser, Mek’leth, d’k tah, Kruge’s Disruptor Pistol, Kruge’s Officers Coat, Duras Sister Outfits, Non-Combat Saur/Gorn-Dog Pet
Fed Bonus: Weapons & Baldric Unlock

File:Kling D'K Tagh.jpg

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