TIE “A Very Merry Tribbles Christmas, part Deux”

This week hilarity and chaos ensues In Q’s Winter Wonderland as Caleb (aka, The Seacat) hides but no one seeks and Admiral Aaron repeatedly tries (and fails) to join the show.

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Looking for a fleet? Look us up in Star Trek Online. We have two very fun fleets. On the Federation side it’s Tribbles in Ecstasy, and on the KDF it’s Targs in Ecstasy.


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    A Very Merry Tribbles Christmas

This week we host A Very Merry Tribbles Christmas, part Deux!   As part of the celebration we held contests, gave out prizes, and welcomed some very special guests.

From PWE, Community manager Brandon Felczer.

From Gates of Stovokor, The Great link and G&TSoridiem.

Also from G&T we have Terry.  Terry is also a co-host of Podcast UGC and columnist at massively.com.

From Primetime UGC, we’re joined by Captain PFDennis & Cerberus.

From Deck 8, we’re joined by SharonMotColin & Admiral Aaron ( sort of)

From Priority 1, we have Genex (aka, Alex Calderwood).


Costume contest for best holiday themed outfit.

Hide and seek FOR YOUR LIFE! One of our panelists will hide and players will have to find them, during the snowman battles!

STO and Trek Trivia Questions

Ice Race Race one of our panelists for a chance to win a prize

Do you hear Tribbles? Listen to the show, and when you hear the Tribble purring, type in  TRIBBLE in the HoloSuite in game chat channel. The first 1 wins.

Prizes Included:

2 Enterprise Era Uniform Packs

2 TOS Formal Uniform Packs

2 TOS Tunic Uniform packs

2 TOS Medical Uniform Packs

2 500 STO Promotional Points for the in-game C-Store

1 Mirror Universe Battle Cruiser

1 Mirror Universe Qin Raptor

1 Mirror Deep Space Science Vessel

4 Cannibal Tribbles

 Star Trek Online

For this very special episode we’ll go over some of our favorite moments of STO over the past year.  Relive memories of STLV, go over some of our favorite questions of the recent “ask cryptic” & open the floor for panelists and guest to ask Brandon some questions.

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