The Pulse Gamecast ReSpec 52

The Pulse Gamecast— The news of the week in PC/Console/Tabletop Gaming!

The final episode contains Bloods Sports, MWO, DA:I, Christmas gift Ideas and a fond farewell. All this and much more….for the last time on….The Pulse Game Cast!!!

The Pulse Gamecast is a podcast reporting about the on goings in the PC and Console gaming markets, with a smattering of Tabletop Gaming thrown in for good measure. We’ll report on breaking news of the week, discuss games/DLC we’re looking forward to, and help, You the gamer, keep a finger on the pulse of your favorite platform. Tune in live Tuesdays at 8pm EST and join us in our Livestream chat room at Holosuite Excess.


Host: Graydol
Co Host: Jaysinn
Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
Remaster Audio Engineer: Graydol
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @pulsegamecast
The Pulse Gamecast’s Logo by Xander Hayes

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