The Pulse Gamecast ReSpec 51

The Pulse Gamecast— The news of the week in PC/Console/Tabletop Gaming!

We talk Mutants, Dragons, Large mechs and Final Fantasy. Join us this week on the Pulse Gamecast as Gray and Jay both ride this episode…at the same time!!!

The Pulse Gamecast is a podcast reporting about the on goings in the PC and Console gaming markets, with a smattering of Tabletop Gaming thrown in for good measure. We’ll report on breaking news of the week, discuss games/DLC we’re looking forward to, and help, You the gamer, keep a finger on the pulse of your favorite platform. Tune in live Tuesdays at 8pm EST and join us in our Livestream chat room at Holosuite Excess.


Host: Graydol
Co Host: Jaysinn
Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
Remaster Audio Engineer: Graydol
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @pulsegamecast
The Pulse Gamecast’s Logo by Xander Hayes

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