The Geek EZ Premiere

TONIGHT ON THE GEEK EZ the cast breaks in the new show by touching on talking points such as James Spader being cast as Ultron in Avengers 2,Backlash of casting superheroes. i.e. Ben Affleck, and an interview with the one and only Academy Award winner Doug Drexler!

Fluent in all things geek and nerdy, Adam and the cast of The Geek EZ will cover a wide variety of topics dedicated to all things GEEK such as sci-fi, comics, movies, TV, anime, toys and books. From all around the net to a nice EZ listening show celebrating us, THE GEEKS!


Host: Adam Ihle
Remaster Audio Engineer: Xander Hayes
Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @TheGeekEZ
The Geek EZ Logo by Adam Ihle

Join us Live on Wednesday nights at 7pm EST over at Holosuite Excess or on our website Talk to us via our chat channel.

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