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The Geek EZ Episode CXXXVI: It’s A Little Short or No Sliders, There’s Too Much Meat

A condensed show this go around, but just as entertaining as our full length shows. Loyal chatroom listener, Firefly, starts us off with some upcoming game info, Some Gundam and anime talk including why we can’t get some here in the States. Is internet a necessity? Ironman has a new suit. Bill Nye comes back. Star Wars RPGs and Conan Exiles character creation.

Originally aired 2-08-17


Host: Adam Ihle
Remaster Audio Engineer: Adam Ihle
Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
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Aside from being the host of The Geek EZ, Adam is a professional artist who's work has been seen on television, film and print. He has also done work for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. He also designed the concept that became the Odyssey class Enterprise-F in Star Trek Online
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