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The Geek EZ Episode CXXVIII: Happy Life Day or We Need A Captain Caveman Movie

It’s a pretty Star Wars-centric episode as the guys watch the Star Wars Holiday Special while doing the show and discuss it and more Star Wars as well. Are Disney’s live action remakes of animated films really something we need? IDW Transformer comics are pretty damn good.  There’s more but I don’t really want to type anymore so you’re just going to have to listen.


Originally aired 11-16-16


Host: Adam Ihle
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Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
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Aside from being the host of The Geek EZ, Adam is a professional artist who's work has been seen on television, film and print. He has also done work for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. He also designed the concept that became the Odyssey class Enterprise-F in Star Trek Online
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