The Geek EZ Episode CXXVII: Stroke your Fanservice or Strange Shiny Exploding Snakes

Possible spoiler warning as we talk a bit about Dr. Strange, Agents of Shield, Thor Ragnarok and more Marvel with special guest BK. Where is Dethlok? Logan trailer dropped and we discuss it. Why do so many people like Transformers Vs. GI Joe? With Ghost in the Shell, the question is asked “What anime would make a good live action movie.”



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Originally aired 11-09-16


Host: Adam Ihle
Remaster Audio Engineer: Adam Ihle
Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
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Aside from being the host of The Geek EZ, Adam is a professional artist who's work has been seen on television, film and print. He has also done work for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. He also designed the concept that became the Odyssey class Enterprise-F in Star Trek Online
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