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The Geek EZ Episode CXXIX: Where’s My Third Wheel or Good News For Egg Lovers

With Rogue One right around the corner the anticipation is palpable. So of course it’s a major topic of discussion. Tank spoils Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for us. How many ways the CIA tried to off Castro. Some comic book talk. A Star Trek “History” of the Enterprise lesson. But wait! There’s more, but you have to listen to find out what it is.

Originally aired 11-30-16


Host: Adam Ihle
Remaster Audio Engineer: Adam Ihle
Exc. Producer: Xander Hayes
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Aside from being the host of The Geek EZ, Adam is a professional artist who's work has been seen on television, film and print. He has also done work for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. He also designed the concept that became the Odyssey class Enterprise-F in Star Trek Online
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