Geeking IRL: At Work

LFGryph DuckFor readers who don’t already know, I recently started a new job at a local animal shelter. I could go on at length about how rewarding that is – and indeed, consider this a small PSA to consider getting involved with one in your area. I know ours welcomes volunteers, not just to clean, but also to walk the dogs and even just to spend time with the cats, rodents, rabbits, or birds. If you know of one in your area and it seems like something you’d enjoy doing, I’d definitely recommend asking the staff what options there are for volunteering.

LFGryph LumieI bring it up right now because in the process of naming one of our kittens, “Lumie” (you’ll get that if you play The Secret World) I got thinking about the ways I bring my gaming and other geeky hobbies into the rest of my life.

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Beyond The Veil: The Secret World

Beyond the Veil Tier 140: All Skyped Out

Welcome to episode 140 of Beyond The Veil: The Secret World!  Due to technical difficulties with our TS last week, rather than cancel the podcast, we opted for an impromptu Skype video call. This resulted in some very strange things: – […]

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TSW Pirate

HUZZAH!!! Musings on Renaissance Festivals

TSW Fest
As the weather (slowly!) gets warmer out here, my thoughts tend to wander to Renaissance Festivals. “Fest Season” is a normal thing among most of my friends, and I sometimes forget not everyone considers that its own part of the year. Of those who do, not everyone has worked or volunteered at any – though it’s 100% something I’d recommend.So, is it the food? The mead? The bodices and layers of clothing that ensure I have to be extra-careful on hot days so as not to get heatstroke? Having an excuse to shout, “HUZZAH!” at random? Perhaps it’s the almost permanent dust cloud that will turn your snot black for days, or that when it rains the grounds become a giant, cold, wet, mud puddle?I’m not doing a good job of building up the “fun” levels of this, am I?
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Touring The Secret World’s Issue 11: Reaping the Whirlwind (Spoiler Heavy Edition)

Article by Rowland Gwynne We sat down with Funcom’s Communications Manager Tor Egil Andersen and The Secret Word’s Lead Designer Romain “Tilty” Amiel for a tour of Issue 11: Reaping the Whirlwind. What we were shown was a wonderful combination […]

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