Tribbles in Ecstasy 209

Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 209: Lights, Q-mera, Timelines!

Joining the Tribbles in Ecstasy crew is the Star Trek Timelines Lead Narrative Designer, Jessica Sliwinski and Game Designer Michael Woods.

After the interview the crew discuss all the news of the week from Star Trek Online, Star Trek news, the latest from the Star Trek Unofficial Productions and more.

The topics discussed this week are:

  • Star Trek Timelines,
  • Antaeus Theatre Company,
  • Star Trek TNG: The Worf Chronicles,
  • Starfleet Academy Experience,
  • Star Trek Continues,
  • Star Trek Anthology,
  • Star Trek Renegades,
  • Star Trek Axanar,
  • Star Trek Online news and events,
  • and more!

Community Question:

In STO, what sort of map and/or system do you think should be used to help test and feedback your builds?

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