Tribbles in Ecstasy Episode 214

Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 214: It’s so Obvious!

This week on the Tribbles in Ecstasy Podcast the crew discuss the gaming events and news from Star Trek Online and Star Trek Timelines. Afterwards the team also talk about all the other latest Star Trek and Unoffical Star Trek Production news and more.

The topics discussed this week are:

  • Star Trek Online,
  • Competitions, Events and Sales,
  • Featured Episode Review,
  • Roleplay Blog,
  • STO Admiral Aaron’s Foundry Contest Annoucement Live,
  • plus the new skill system with Timberwolf
  • Star Trek Timelines,
  • Antaeus Theatre Company,
  • Star Trek Continues,
  • Star Trek Horizon,
  • Star Trek Axanar,
  • Conventions,
  • Podcast Awards,
  • and more!
  • Community Questions:

    1. What are your thoughts of the STO Featured Episode Temporal Front?
    2. Where did you rank in the Star Trek Timelines event “The Trouble with Klingons”?
    3. What do you think about Tommy Kraft stopping the production of Federation Rising?

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