E3 and Women as Game Protagonists

Alice closeup

I had a different article typed up and ready to go for today. I’d planned on discussing my view that it’s healthy to have opinions about the things you enjoy – including criticism. In short, feeling that a game/book/movie could be improved if only [thing] does not automatically mean you hate the game/book/movie, and I get tired of folks being so quick to jump all over each other based on that faulty assumption. I still might talk about that either here or on my personal blog, but I’ve gotten distracted enough with E3 news to type up something a bit different.

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Mental Energy

@ggchestnut @0utofBeta @Ardua @Hidden_Wings @Liores @Talarianjs @belghast @ctmurfy @mevsmyselfandi he’s not worth expending mental energy on — Rowan Blaze (@rowanblaze) May 11, 2015 Except when I can squeeze a blog post out of it. 😛 It seems that a certain […]

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