Tribbles in Ecstasy 218

Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 218: Talking to Rocks

Joining us this week is Jon “CrypticRock” Steady, Systems Game Designer from Star Trek Online – The Tribbles in Ecstasy crew go through all your community questions and discuss the up and coming Agents of Yesterday expansion.

After the interview we delve into all the Star Trek Online, Star Trek Timelines and Unofficial Productions news, plus we talk about the new Star Trek trailers and more!

The topics discussed this week are:

  • Interview,
  • Star Trek Online news (1:45:40),
  • Foundry Challenge from Foundry Roundtable,
  • Events and Giveaways,
  • Episode Introductions,
  • Agents of Yesterday Expansion,
  • Role Play Blogs
  • Star Trek Timelines (2:00:30),
  • Star Trek News (2:15:14),
    • New Star Trek (2017) series trailer,
    • Speculation,
    • Star Trek Beyond Event
  • Unofficial Star Trek Productions (2:26:22),
    • Star Trek Anthology,
    • Star Trek Renegades,
    • Star Trek New Voyages,
    • Star Trek Axanar,
    • JJ’s announcement on the lawsuit
  • Other News,
  • and more!
  • Community Questions:

    1. Do you have any follow ups from what Cryptic Rock said in his interview?
    2. What do you think of the Star Trek 2017 Series Trailer?
    3. What do you think of the Star Trek Beyond Trailer?
    4. What are your thoughts about Lin and JJ supposedly forcing the Axanar case to be dropped soon?


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