Beyond the Veil Tier 253: Valentine’s Day Special with Andy Benditt

Welcome to episode 253 of Beyond The Veil: The Secret World where we celebrate Valentine’s Day with the help of our Community Manager Andy Benditt. Of course, we also get to ask him a bunch of questions about the upcoming Agent System that is nearing completion and should be released by the end of February. While having fun talking about the Agent System, there’s tons of giveaways and raffles happening, both in Twitch chat and in game.

We have also been working on something special and have released it on this week’s show. Called a “Raid Boss Reunion”, it’s our take on the Lurker getting tired of being the only raid boss in Secret World Legends and trying to lurk Eidolon and Flappy to come back as well and take some heat off him. Hope you have as much fun listening to this as we had creating it. If you’d like to listen to this skit independently from the entire podcast episode, you can do so by following this link: Raid Boss Reunion skit

As usual, we round up the show by bringing you the news from our community. To hear all that and more, make sure you download and listen to the entire episode.

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