“Skype TX” announced: studio-grade video and audio quality for broadcasters

Microsoft has just announced Skype TX, a new solution for internet broadcasters. Skype TX is described as studio-grade software that delivers high quality audio and video output to seamlessly connect broadcast and media productions with people around the world. The product is a result of a recent acquisition of its long-time partner Cat and Mouse, meaning that Skype will now be better integrated into a professional studio set-up.


Here are more details on Skype TX:

Studio Grade – Skype TX is designed and optimized for professional studio environments.

  • – Powerful – Seamlessly adds full-frame Skype video and audio via SDI.
  • – Responsive – User experience is optimized for broadcast workflow with API integration and call management.
  • – Quality – A single, integrated production grade system to deliver professional audio and video calls. Skype video feeds processed into broadcast formats:
    • – Free of audio/visual distractions such as call notifications and ads.
    • – HD-SDI Video output/input
    • – Balanced audio output/input
    • – Auto aspect ratio conversion
  • – Total control – Empowers a single operator to manage multi-channel calls and create compelling, new formats with HD-SDI Skype video feeds direct to your switcher.
  • – Go anywhere – Cost effective for use in studio and outside broadcast integration.
  • – Reliability – Built for always-on operation in a dynamic environment, including call handling management for multiple, simultaneous Skype calls on one management interface, plus operator previews, auto fall back to still and call quality monitoring.
  • – Support – Fully supported by a team of specialist Microsoft-trained broadcast technical team.


Access participants around the globe – Powered by Skype, the unparalleled ability to access and enrich programming content by connecting and transmitting contributors, the world over, right into the heart of the show.

  • – Access – Real-time access to people from around the world.
  • – Connections – Richer programming with video connections to stars, experts and audiences.
  • – Unconstrained by geography – Engineered for the most challenging Internet conditions.
  • Content without costs – Connect people via Skype free of transmission cost.


Skype TX will be available in the coming year and as of yet, there is no pricing indication.


Source: Skype

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