Sanctuary AMA

Hi Peoplez!

So you may remember Sanctuary as having brought you AMAs with both Scrivnomancer and Joel Bylos in the past. You may also know us as being pure awesome.

Anyway, this Star Wars Day, we’ve set up a forum AMA with Glaucon, GUI Programmer for the game we love. Whether you want to ask him about the default GUI, upcoming changes, mods, or anything else you see on screen that isn’t part of the world, go crazy asking him questions about lots of technical stuff, or just what he has for breakfast.

Things will be happening starting at 7pm GMT, and you can see exactly when this is for you by clicking here. Things will be happening on the Sanctuary/TSWDB forums, and we have a spot all set up to ask your questions. Please note that you will need to have an account on the forums to be able to ask questions.

This is happening just days before the release of Issue 11, so make the most of this chance to chat to one of the devs of the greatest game in the universe*. We hope to see you there, and hope for lots of awesome questions about the stuff that Glaucon does.

I’ve already posted this in the HG forums, but I wanted to make sure the maximum number of people got the chance to hear about it.

*This part of the sentence was in no way required by any developer, connoisseur of cookies, or avian predator.**

**Honestly, it wasn’t.

Source: The Secret World Sanctuary AMA