Star Trek: Captain Pike

Interview with Star Trek: Captain Pike

On Wednesday, 27th of May at 2pm Pacific (5pm ET, 10pm UK), the Tribbles and Ecstasy podcast will be interviewing Star Trek: Captain Pike about their Kickstarter for the 45-Minute episode pilot that is the prequel to a feature length film entitled, “Encounter at Rigel” and their goal is to raise $112,000 by the 3rd of June to make this prequel episode happen.

There are some very well know people involved in this project including Walter Koenig, Ray Wise, Bruce Davison, Dwight Schultz, Linda Park, Robert Picardo, Chase Masterson, Jorge Pallo, Sean Kenney and for visual effects Tobias Richter.

So do you have questions about this project?
If so, email us your questions to [email protected] and the Tribbles cast will ask them on your behalf.

The episode will be released here on this weekend with episode 169 of Tribbles in Ecstasy.

You can find out more information about Star Trek: Captain Pike from their Kickstarter page: or via their website:

Please ensure you have your questions to us by noon on Wednesday, 27th of May.

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