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Frak Stars 30: Scar

In this episode Colin, Steve and Drogyn review the Battlestar Galactica episode ‘Scar’ (season 2, episode 15).

A Cylon Raider nicknamed “Scar” is hitting the Battlestar Galactica Viper pilots in sneak attacks while they are on patrol protecting a mining operation. On top of that you have Starbuck and Kat going up against each other.

So turn on your Colonial Wireless to find out what our nuggets think of this episode.


The Frak Stars crew will be providing you with a comprehensive review of all things BSG excluding the original series, although that will probably get cross referenced now and then for sure. They will cover every aspect of the BSG universe such as episode reviews and character assessments. They’ll delve into the ships, the Cylons, Blood and Chrome, Caprica, religion, politics and much more. So do join them on their maiden voyage and pray that no Cylons try to stop them.

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Hosts: Colin, Drogyn and Steve (AKA MidNite Shadow)
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Steve Roberts (AKA MidNite Shadow) is the Host, Producer and Audio Engineer of Tribbles in Ecstasy and FrakStars.

In real life Steve works full time in IT providing desktop support, creating web sites, databases and anything else that that needs an IT solution!

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, reading Star Trek novels, playing Star Trek Online (STO), podcasting, audio editing, watching science fiction and moderating the STO Forums.