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Frak Stars 24: Final Cut

Journalist D’Anna Biers tapes a report on life aboard Galactica and uncovers a plot against Colonel Saul Tigh. She discovers the pregnant Sharon being held secretly aboard the ship, but Commander William Adama forbids her to include it in her final report. However, Biers is a Cylon, and she shares the footage of Sharon with her Cylon brethren.

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The Frak Stars crew will be providing you with a comprehensive review of all things BSG excluding the original series, although that will probably get cross referenced now and then for sure. They will cover every aspect of the BSG universe such as episode reviews and character assessments. They’ll delve into the ships, the Cylons, Blood and Chrome, Caprica, religion, politics and much more. So do join them on their maiden voyage and pray that no Cylons try to stop them.

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Hosts: Colin and Steve (AKA MidNite Shadow)
Panelists: Drogyn1701 from Foundry Roundtable
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