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Holosuite Media proudly present our newest podcast



What’s it about?

Well if the name of the article or its featured image didn’t give it away, it’s about the one and only – Battlestar Galactica! Anything and everything BSG will be covered. It will be a comprehensive review of all things BSG excluding the original series, although that will get cross referenced now and then for sure. They will cover every aspect of the BSG universe such as episode reviews and character assessments. They’ll delve into the ships, the Cylons, Blood and Chrome, Caprica, religion, politics and much more.


Who are the panellists?

There are several cast members who will mix and match through the episodes to keep the content fresh and the view point constantly changing. Here’s a little info on who they are:

1. COLIN – Involved in various podcasts over the past few years. His current podcasts include Commentary Frak Stars and Melodic Treks. He’s also a You tube editor for Scifi Diner Podcast.

2. MIKE – Has been in podcasting for a number of years and currently has the following podcasts on the go:

  • Commentary Track Stars – movie reviews
  • Commentary Trek Stars – what people previously involved in Star Trek are doing now.
  • Commentary Frak Stars – Battle Star Galactica podcast
  • Standard Orbit – TOS podcast

3. MAX – Long time associate and co-host with Mike. He is involved in all the above podcasts except Standard Orbit.

4. MELISSA – She is one of the team that brings out a weekly Voyager Podcast – The Delta Quadrant.

5. DREW – Co-Host with Mike on Standard Orbit and Star Trek: TOS feature writer for

6. STEVE – The newest to the podcast fraternity but has more than made up for lost time. He was a member of the Red Shirt Army podcast. He is currently a cast member on Tribbles in Ecstasy (perhaps better known to fans as MidNite Shadow) and also does the G&T show and now Frak Stars.

7. BRANDEN – Currently on Commentary Track Stars with Mike and Max.


When will the first episode be released?
First episode of Frack Stars will be released next Wednesday, April 9th. From then on, new episodes will be released every Wednesday. Considering the cast members are from different countries and time zones, the episodes will not be recorded live as that leaves the team more flexibility for their recording.


How can I download the episodes?
All episodes will be available on our website Holosuite Media. In addition, you will also be able to download all episodes from iTunes and Stitcher Satellite Radio 24 hours after it gets released on the website.


Where and how can I contact the cast?
You can contact or follow the cast on the following:
E-mail: comfrakstars[@]
Twitter: @ComFrakStars
Facebook: Holosuite Media




And yes, the cast is aware that their spelling of Frack is slightly different….. to find out why, you’ll just need to tune in to the first episode!

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