Extra Life, Computer Woes, and Other Excitement

BTV 9.17.15

What a week! I’d like to apologize for the lack of content – it’s mostly due to two things:

1) I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning when I’m not working. While most people do Spring Cleaning, I sometimes get an overwhelming urge to clean, straighten, and rearrange in the fall. I have 17 grocery bags full of books to donate, if that gives you any idea. O_o

2) My computer has been a bit wonky, most likely Windows 10 bugs since the computer itself is so new. I think I have them squashed for now, but it involved a clean install and all the time and hassle that entails.

I have another piece almost ready (We had an amazing Beyond the Veil show last week, with an NPC suddenly “coming to life” and interacting with us thanks to our awesome dev team), but in the meantime I have links to other projects!

The piece I wrote for the Extra Life gaming community went live last Friday! It’s been a long time since I wrote for someone I didn’t know and who was editing my work. I’m still so pleased to get the chance to write it, and look forward to possibly writing more for them in the future. If you missed my posts on social media, you can find the article at http://community.extra-life.org/articles.html/communitycontent/how-extra-life-helped-me-find-my-voice-r58/.

Jennet, of OtterDown and The Secret World fame, has put together a trailer for Extra Life 2015! She kindly let me in on the fun, and the filming this morning was full of glorious flailing. “Sorry, I fell into a me-sized hole and almost got eaten, what were you saying?”

[link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPq65oAp5cI]

In other news, it looks like I’ll be hosting this week’s Beyond the Veil show, which should also be a great time.

With luck I’ll have time to get my other post up tomorrow!

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