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Since 2010, Holosuite Media has been proudly serving the gaming and pop culture community. From the early days of TRIBBLES IN ECSTASY, the first podcast that boldly tri-casted on 3 radio stations at the same time, to our run away hit show A WORTHY OPPONENT, we beam great podcast into your ear!

Currently we are producing 7 podcasts and talk shows:

Donate Head 1The above are the shows that many of you download from our site, stream from iTunes or drive to work with us via Sticher Satellite Radio. They all keep you up to date with your games and communitys, hosting tournaments and holding interviews with celebrities and devs and along the way we love providing this and for a long time to come.

But that’s where we need you…

Till now all this content was paid out of our own pockets with no advertising or big backer so that we can maintain a true unbiased opinion on the games and events we report on. But as you all know, times are as they are, tough. With prices for events, programs, broadcasting equipment, web hosting and urls incressing, we now need to turn to you to help us set a new course stright and true. So if you can, every little bit helps. Below are a safe and secure ways to keep us in the air.

How to Donate?

There are many ways to support the shows you love. Many have KickStarters or GoFundMe’s but the best source for crownfunding is to give you, our supporter, diffrent oppitions to help you feel confident and safe with your hard earnd dollor.


As a standerd, many sites just have a simple paypal button for one time or reoccurring donations.


This is a safe and simple site to set up a an account for reoccurring donations to keep our shows alive. Our supporters can help us reach Milestone Goals and receive Pledge perks.


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