I Want To Believe – The X-Files Revival

XF trailer

I have been a fan of The X-Files (an X-Phile, in the fandom) almost from the beginning. I say almost, because the first episode I watched was “Squeeze” (S1 Ep3) and I recall one or both of my parents asking me to turn it off before the end. It was deemed too scary for me at that age. (Of course, I also remember being slightly scared of small openings for a while after watching…but also being thrilled, wondering WHAT IF someone could really do that?!)

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Robert Beltran’s “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit – Mar 5th

Robert Beltran, perhaps best known as Star Trek Voyager’s dashing Commander Chakotay, has announced that he will be doing an Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit at 1PM ET on March 5th. Apart from his work on Star Trek, Beltran has also […]

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