Matthew (Katzu/Baron Sir Katzushima/Oh crap THAT guy) is a gamer, killer in 360 degrees, and all-around rockstar.  He sits panels for the occasional show and co-hosts Vox Arkhona with Gigabyte.
Katzu is a true renaissance nerd.  He’s been playing, running, and contributing to the publication of countless tabletop RPGs for the last 26 years, been a judge and demo team member for half a dozen major gaming publishers.  In the LARP fields, Katzu is a 17-year veteran of Amtgard and a 5-year member of the Minds Eye Society (formerly the Camarilla.)  On the MMO front, Katzu has several level-capped toons on Terokkar server in World of Warcraft, a Dwarf or two working through Gondor in Lord of the Rings Online, and is levelling three toons through The Secret World (Illuminati REPRESENT!)
Katzu has owned and played 12 (at last count) Warhammer 40k armies spanning every playable faction (even owning Squats at one point,) sticking mainly to Loyalists and the Inquisition.  He’s also been an avid Necromunda player with 3 seasoned gangs under his belt, and even managed to own an Imperial navy fleet for Battlefleet Gothic

Katzu is a member of the Beyond the Veil: New York Cabal in TSW, the Sons of Numenor in LotRO, the Deadly Neurotoxins in WoW, and Vigilia Mortis in Eternal Crusade.

Unbeknownst to most mortals, Katzu is a master of the “Hiten Mitsu Roleplay,” which is the ability to role-play at near godlike speeds (that is, a speed that rivals the gods!)  He also claims to be the studio’s moral compass…  Be scared.
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