Tarra Regan, known as Blacklace, is the co-founder and co-host of A Worthy Opponent, a podcast about Hearthstone for the more casual player.

She began podcasting on the Holosuitemedia podcast “Beyond the Veil” a podcast about The Secret World MMO.

Her resume of gaming dates back to the early board games of Dungeons and Dragons, Changeling, Vampire, and Deadlands.  She had played trading card games of Vampire the Masquerade, Pokeman, Lord of the Rings, and of course Magic the Gathering, as well as many others.  In the world of MMOs she has played Sierra Online, Ultima Online, Rift, The Secret World, Tera, Archage, SWTOR, and World of Warcraft, since vanilla.

Outside of gaming, she is an avid animal lover, horseback rider, and veterinary receptionist/technician.

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