G’day folks, I’m Rowland, or as you might know me, Azagthor, and I’m a journalism student from Australia.

Most of my spare time, for as long as I can remember, has been spent either reading or playing video games, with ridiculously long JRPGs, point and click adventures and horror games being my poison of choice. I’ve an annoying habit of losing interest in a game once I reach the final boss.

I joined the Beyond the Veil podcast in early 2015, where I’ve been given the privilege to talk about what has become one of my favourite games. The Secret World is the first MMORPG which properly grabbed my attention, and I’ve been playing since their open beta.

You can find me over on Twitter @TheIronGuardian, where I talk about everything from video games to politics and cooking . Feel free to drop by and say hello.

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