Christopher R. Regan, known as Autumnsbane, is a co-founder and co-host of A Worthy Opponent, a podcast about Hearthstone from a casual player’s perspective.

He got his start in fantasy games in the early days of Dungeons and Dragons in the 1970’s, acting as Dungeon Master before the DM Guide was even written. Started computer games when the consoles on the market could only play Pong and when actual computer games ran on DOS. Also, was on the ground floor of CCG’s, getting a Beta pack of a Magic the Gathering for his birthday.

There are very few CCG’s, MMO’s and table top RPG’s he hasn’t played, and the name Autumnsbane came from his Changeling: the Dreaming character.

Playing World of Warcraft since just after launch, he is currently the raid leader of The Raidy Brunch in Convert to Raid on Aerie Peak.  Outside of gaming, he is a writer and musician with a background in acting and entertainment, which led him to the world of podcasting.

He lives in Vermont with his wife and house full of pets, earning his pay in Ophthalmology as a Technician.

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