Black Cats and Coincidences


This was too awesome not to share, despite not being about gaming!

One of the (many) cats we had while I was growing up was a black cat named Lucky. He followed my brother home from school one day (yes, for real), and we kept him. Lucky was an awesome cat who very much bonded with my brother.

Unfortunately, he ran away while our family was on vacation in Michigan. The local Humane Society called us some time after we got back, saying they had a black cat who had been found in a live trap in our area, and asking if we could come see if it was ours. When my mother went in, the black cat was smaller than she remembered, but it seemed to know her so she brought “Lucky” home.

Well, a month or so later, I was petting “Lucky” when another black cat came up to the door wearing a collar I’d never seen before. The cat outside was our Lucky, who had apparently found a new home! Plus, the second cat wound up being female – I have no idea why that didn’t tip us off at the time. I think my mother assumed we must have been wrong about Lucky’s sex in the first place? Anyway, we named her “Lucky Too” and she lived a lovely long life with us.

Lucky Too

Skip ahead to more recent times. We’ve had a black cat at the Humane Society, where I now work, for a month or so. He has a small white patch on his chest, but something about him always reminded me of Lucky and Lucky Too. Maybe it was the way he gives “love bites” like Lucky used to, or maybe his face just reminded me of Lucky Too. He’s a special one to me, and I was super happy when an older couple wanted to adopt him today.

As they filled out the paperwork, we got talking about how gorgeous and special black cats are. I told my story about our two Lucky’s, ending with how we spelled “Lucky Too” – “Too” not “Two” The couple stared at me for a moment in surprise, and then told me that’s exactly what they are renaming their kitty – even down to the spelling. 🙂 They recently lost a black cat named Lucky, which was why they were so excited to see this one.

Sometimes life throws things at us that we would consider contrived in a novel or movie, and I love it.

Lucky Too...the Second?!

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