Beyond the Veil Tier 236: We’re raiding, raiding, raiding…

Welcome to episode 236 of Beyond The Veil: The Secret World where we bring you the latest news coming out in the last week. We are joined by Headshoty as we cover the newly released New York Raid and Lair Mega Bosses, new Future-Tech cache and go over the patch notes to see what else has been done. For all that and more, make sure you download and listen to the entire episode.

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Host: Antida
Panelists: Gryph, Verittas, Ocho and Jared
Guests: Headshoty
Remaster Audio Engineer: Xander Hayes
Record Date: 07 September 2017
Exc. Producer: Antida Aeyel
Produced by: Holosuite Media
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