Beyond the Veil Tier 109: Seven Days of Stonehenge

Welcome to episode 109 of Beyond The Veil: The Secret World where:

we introduced you to Ardri and Verittas, who talked us about the Seven Days of Stonehenge week long event lasting from 9/28 to 10/04. You can still sign up for it on the forums, please follow the link below and have fun among the ancient ruins!

–  apparently clothing doesn’t sell that well, so we talked more about what would sell and what would get players to part with their hard earned cash to buy the clothing item/s for real money (ei, Funcom points).


 For all the news about The Secret World, we’ve got you covered!


Event links:

Seven Days of Stonehenge

The Cost of Fashion


Looking for a friendly Cabal to do your missions and dungeons with? Look us up, the Beyond the Veil Multi-Faction Cabal.



Host/Exc. Producer: Antida
Remaster Audio Engineer: Feii
Panelists: Xander, Galactrix, Gigabyte, Mith, Grey, Ardri, Verittas
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Twitter: @BeyondTSW
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