BBC America Explores Science Fiction

The Real History of Science FictionStarting on April 19, BBC America will begin airing a four-part series entitled The Real History of Science Fiction, which will feature interviews with filmmakers, writers, and actors who have all helped create the science fiction canon as we currently know it. The first episode, titled “Robots,” will explore the curiosity society has for creating artificial life, as evidenced by the multitudes of robotic characters, from Frankenstein’s monster all the way to the original Robocop, to The Terminator.

Subsequent episodes will explore how science fiction attempts to answer our need to know what’s beyond the stars, the pros and cons of alien invasion, and that tricky subject sci-fi fans love to argue about…time travel. The series will be narrated by Mark Gatiss, and will feature such sci-fi contributors as William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Ursula K Le Guin, Nathan Fillion, and Steven Moffat, to name a few. The episode will air at 10/9C.

Source: BBC America

Photo Credits: BBC America

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