Holosuite Media is looking for people who are creative, driven and passionate about their life, work and hobbies. We cover a wide variety of topics and are dedicated to reporting and reviewing of all things sci-fi, gaming, movies, TV and books and all kinds of other nerdy and geeky stuff that comes our way.

We have a core team of people who are very professional, creative, dedicated, driven and passionate about what they do. We love what we do and enjoy ourselves by having fun in a no-pressure, drama free environment. Sounds like something you might want to be a part of?

Variety is the spice of life and in Holosuite Media, the sky’s the limit. You can do as much or as little as you would like. Some people like more variety than others, we leave it up to you to decide how much you are prepared and/or able to contribute.

How can you join us and in what capacity?


Ever wanted to write about something you feel strongly about? Maybe write a blog of your new game that just came out, or review the latest gaming gadgets, comic book, sci-fi shows or books!

There are several ways you can join us. Take a look at some of the positions we have available right now and see if anything interests you. If you have an idea about something that is not listed here, please Contact Us and pitch us your idea. You never know, we might say yes!

Do you fancy yourself a Rick Castle or a Lois Lane? We’re looking for people who are interested in writing for our website. Topics are open to discussion and are based on agreement. We cover a whole plethora of topics from travel to space, from technology to gaming, from fantasy to sci-fi, from books to movies and TV series. Your submissions can be based on a ‘one-off’ piece or a regular column.

Are you an opinionated, passionate thinker who to share your thoughts on various subjects with thousands of other people? If the answer is yes, then we have just the thing for you – Become our columnist and let your opinions be heard!

Do you have a neck for writing, editing written content or are a very good researcher? We would like to talk to you! Our website is growing and with it a need for more editors who will double check and triple check everything we publish ensuring that articles are accurate, consistent, factually correct, objective and contain enough info to constitute a worthwhile story.

If art is a passion, get in touch. We have lots of ideas in the works for art on our website and for the up coming swag shop. Plus, all new and current show on our network will need new social and media logos and lots more.

Do you have a gift for writing and editing written code or altering and building websites, apps, widgets?

Apply today, we are always looking for great talent to help us make the site work better and deliver our content to our audience in a fresh and eye catching way!

Got an ear for sound? Like mixing audio together to make fresh cool sounds? As a show editor you must have knowledge and or the ability to be trained in how to edit audio files using Audacity and/or Adobe Audition.

If you love video editing, get in touch. We have lots of ideas in the works where we need dedicated video editors to help make these ideas a reality.

If you love playing games and like to entertain, then we are looking for you 😉 We are looking for additional back-up people who have a good internet connection and are able to broadcast our live shows and in game events and are willing to learn how to use our broadcasting software.


Livly personality? Knowledgeable about any of the topics in one of our shows that we currently produce? You can apply to join one of our currently produced talk shows as a member of the panel. Currently, we are looking for additional panelists for our below shows and if you see the show you want to be a part of then simply Contact Us.

No positions available at this time. Check back soon.

No positions available at this time. Check back soon.

Currently Frak Stars is looking for Battlestar Galactica lovers to join our cast. Knowledge of the BSG Universe as a hole is welcome.

No positions available at this time. Check back soon.

No positions available at this time. Check back soon.

Currently Vox is looking for Eternal Crusade players to join our cast. Also, knowledge of the War Hammer 40K Universe as a hole is welcome.

Currently Vov is looking for a weekly Broadcaster to stream live from Eternal Crusade.

Currently TIE is looking for Star Trek Online players, new and old, to join our cast each week. Also, knowledge of Star Trek as a hole is welcome.

Currently TIE is looking for a weekly Broadcaster to stream live from STO.


Passionate about making your own podcast or talk show? No problem!

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own podcast or internet based webcast come talk to us! We’ll provide you with the tools, knowledge and support necessary to make it a reality. We’ll support you every step of the way by providing you programs you’ll need to use, teach you how to use them and provide you with support in any other aspect of your podcast’s creation and running.

Interested or intrigued?

First step is Contacting Us and we’ll take it from there. Come talk to us and see if what we offer would work for you. You don’t need to have any previous experience. All you need is the idea and the drive to work on it. We’ll support you along the way to make your dream come through!

Things to note

Two things to note though. All of the above positions are volunteer based for now. That might change in the future, but as with everything, there are no guarantees. If you wish to be a part of Holosuite Media team, you do need to follow these two simple rules:

Be professional, polite and courteous in any aspects of your involvement with Holosuite Media (website, talk-shows).

No inflammatory language, hate or bigotry remarks – these will not be tolerated! Period.

Holosuite Media is an extremely proud supporter of Gamers against Bigotry and as such is an environment where everyone comes together to have fun in a drama free environment regardless of their gender, background, culture and lifestyle.

So if you like what you hear, have additional questions, would like to contribute in any way to Holosuite Media or join us on a permanent basis, please send us an email from our Contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you in the near future!


Holosuite Media is an independently owned and operated website. As such, it is not affiliated with any commercial outlet. All views expressed on the web, in the articles and on our talkshows and podcasts produced by Holosuite Media are those of the individual providing them and not that of the Holosuite Media. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

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