Holosuite Media was initially founded as Holosuite Magazine by Xander Hayes in October of 2009. Prior to that, Xander had a long run as a panelist on the Red Shirt Army Podcast reporting on Star Trek Online and guest starred on many other podcasts and internet radio stations such as Trek Radio and Subspace Radio.

Our initial talk-show, Tribbles In Ecstasy, centered around the Star Trek community and Star Trek Online game. On the heels of the success with Tribbles In Ecstasy, two new shows were born – Shaven Wookie Cantina, centered around Star Wars: The Old Republic and Beyond The Veil, centered around The Secret World MMO.

We quickly realized that we would like to do even more than just produce talk-shows. We wanted to involve the gaming and sci-fi community in general and have their voice heard. Hence our slogan – Have your say! At the beginning of 2013, it was decided to rename Holosuite Magazine to Holosuite Media and to expand from just spreading the voice to spreading the word as well.

We thrive on getting various communities involved and help their voice be heard and are dedicated to bringing you balanced views and reviews. We have a core team of people who are very professional, dedicated, driven and passionate about what they do. We strive to cover a wide variety of topics and are dedicated to reporting and reviewing of all things sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, horror, movies, TV and books.

We currently have a lineup of different shows and podcasts, with several other ones in pre-production. Expansion is always an exciting time for us as we look forward to creating more meaningful and engaging content for our listeners. If you would like to support us in this, please visit our Donate page.

Holosuite Media is continuing to expand and is looking for dedicated people to join us. If you share our commitment and passion, and are interested in contributing and/or becoming a part of our growing family, then head on over to the Join us section of our website and check out which positions are open and how you might be able to contribute.

Podcasts & Talkshows

Initially, the talk show format was rarely used in podcasting. Many gamers got their info from podcasts that went over the information in a sort of a news format. Holosuite stepped away slightly from that with our Tribbles in Ecstasy and Beyond the Veil shows that merge the podcast and talk show mentality. The 2 hour talk shows and their larger crew delve into their respective game on a weekly basis, covering all community aspects like PVP, Raiding, Mining, RP and all other news surrounding it.

This format is not limited to gaming as we have other shows that delve in to pop culture, comics, movies, tv and everything us geeks would love to know!

Our podcast format wraps up all the news and info in an hour show with 2 to 3 cast members and like a talk show, delves into their respective game, community and all the news surrounding it.


Holosuite Media is an independently owned and operated website. As such, it is not affiliated with any commercial outlet. All views expressed on the web, in the articles and on our talkshows and podcasts produced by Holosuite Media are those of the individual providing them and not that of the Holosuite Media. If you have any questions please Contact us.

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